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Tabbles is a very innovative file management utility. It uses the concept of tags to sort your files, but here, tags are called Tabbles. When you add a file to a Tabble, it is like adding a tag to the file itself. Later on, you can find the file just by using its filename and location or by recalling what its Tabble is. You can add several files to each Tabble.

Tabbles behave like folders, so you can either drag-and-drop files into them or you can just copy them there. The program integrates with the system shell, so you can tag files using the right-click menu. When you double-click on a Tabble in the application's GUI, you will see all the files on your computer that were added to that Tabble, regardless of their location on your hard drive.

If you want to make full use of this application, you may want to combine Tabbles. Combining Tabbles allows you to find files with more than one tag assigned to them. So, instead of just copying files around to several folders to keep a copy for easy access just create several Tabbles and keep one file. Thus, you keep your system clutter-free. Conceptually, this is a great way of managing your files; it makes everything easier and speedier, but it does take a while to get used to it. If you live in a country that is ranked outside of the first 30 best-ranking countries in terms of GDP according to Wikipedia, you can get this for roughly $10.

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  • An innovative way to manage files
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